Wednesday, December 7

Eco-Friendly Houses

This is where you'd want to live.

Amiya Resort Residences is a Thia-themed community located at Libby Road, Puan Davao City. The grandest subdivision that will give you thousands of reasons why do you have to live here in the city where life truly is along with our nature friendly house models.

A getaway becomes complete when relaxation is achieved. Here at Amiya, health and wellness amenities are available, along with gardens that soothe and calm the senses.

House Models are designed by nature. So, choose healthy lifestyle and our eco-friendly houses.
Amiya House Models. To all lot owners you may choose our house model designs for you to have a convenient and hassle free housing construction.

Contact me or comment below if you are interested.

Christmas Wish Lists

It's Christmas time, and so it is also time to write Christmas wish lists. I know my son what he wants this Christmas, but for my nieces, nephews and godchildren, I have no idea what they want for Christmas. I wish they won't ask for an iPhone because I cannot afford to buy this kind of gadget lol. But for my son, I can find his wish at musicians buy anytime. For the little ones, I can find it at the mall for sure. As for myself, I just want to have a merry Christmas with my family and friends.

Monday, October 24

Have an Orange, Black, and Green Halloween

It's a scary time of year filled with costumes and candy. The costume market has exploded as children and grownups dress like their favorite movie and television characters. But before splurging on a costume that may only be worn once, consider what's in the closet. See if there is anything that can be modified and mixed up to be used as a costume. Leftover 1980 clothes or an old sport coat can be the beginning of a retro-theme costume. Overalls and aplaid shirt can be the basis for a farm or scarecrow costume. A common theme for teens is dead anything from a dead prom queen to a dead baseball player. All it takes is an old dress or uniform and some scissors and make-up. If your closets are not serving up any costume ideas, visit a local consignment shop.

Tuesday, September 27

Get the Best Musical Instrument For Less

If you are a music lover, you can find great deals on all musical instruments and accessories at gc like guitars either acoustic or electric, drums, pro audio to name a few. My sons are all music lover. They both played guitars, that is why, we have three acoustic guitars and one electric guitar at home. The youngest son likes to have a drum but I cannot afford to buy him a drum. I told him to save his money so he can buy a drum.

Thursday, September 15

Wardrobe and the Sounds

If you are going to wear the miniskirt, you can't opt for the strapless top. If you are working the cleavage, cover your gams to the knee. A message of subtlety will always be perceived as a powerful fashion expression of self-confidence and not attention-getting desperation. So find your sexy balance. Pick a part you like, your best asset, if you will and work that with ladylike flair. Before I forgot, have you heard this theremini product? I was told that this is a kind of electronic musical instrument that can produce a good sound to your musical device. I wonder how much the cost of this. Any idea?

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