Saturday, July 2

Looking for Good Deals

It has been almost a month now since my son went back to school, and I am so glad that my son's adviser is a very nice teacher. We had a meeting last Friday, and we, the parents were glad because there was no big contribution for classroom improvement. So, I have extra money now for shopping. I was planning to buy accessories for my son's guitar because his birthday is coming, but I am looking for an On Sale

Wednesday, May 25

Real Beauty Starts at Home

The most important beauty routines begin before andy clothing or cosmetics go on. The regimes and techniques performed in the privacy of your home are like retreating to your own personal spa. Every woman should have an area in her home that is entirely hers. It will become a welcome retreat where you can feel and look beautiful and restored, a place to take a vacation without actually taking a vacation. Try the tips below, and come up with your own favorites.

Soak away your troubles.
Relaxing in a tub nightly for even as little as ten minutes can reduce stress and anxiety which unfortunately shows up on the face, soothe tense muscles, and can even ease depression. Why would you miss out on this free and easy beauty enhancer?

Bath or Shower?
If possible, replace the rushed morning shower with a leisurely nightly soak in the tub. Light scented candles, put on your favorite music, and let the beauty enhancements begin.

Benefits of Bathing:
Relieve menstrual cramps with a soothing bath.
Bathing has been known to lift depression and aid sleep

Watch the Temperature
The water in the tub should be warm and comfortable, but not extremely hot. Water that is too hot drains energy, rather than restores it, and can dry out skin.

Monday, May 2

Mother's Day Special Gifts Ideas

In May we celebrate with dutiful bliss all the wonders of our mothers, and the leftover retail items that didn't get wrapped up for her hit the sale rack with lightning speed on the Monday after her big day. This retail week, you'll find beaucoup bargains on the items that weren't given to Mom.

May is also the month for closeout ,linens and bedding. New styles will introduced for all and back to school, so stock of last year's design is priced to fly. Head to the sale rack first, and look for great buys on these items:

Sleepwear: cozy robes, slippers, pajamas, and nightgowns

Bath and body sets: collections of pampering spa goodies that ease the body and spirit

Perfume gift sets

Blooming flowers: all of the special potted plants that were grown to bloom in May

All things with a mother theme: picture frams, jewelry, art etc.

closeout linens and bedding

Gold and diamond jewelry

Mother's Day Special Gifts

Thank you, dear mom! Enjoy 15% off with coupon code "RGMAMA" and free shipping worldwide. (Ends: May.10, 2016)

slimming men's shirt_Rosegal

Ethnic Style bikini_Rosegal

Friday, April 29

Back to School Soon

School summer vacation in this country is almost over. Only this Monday, I enrolled my son in the same school where he was studied since 7th Grade. And now, he is officially enrolled in the 9th Grade. But before we enroll our children, the school requires the parent or guardian to attend a two-hour orientation program for the 9th grade students. Well, the topic was all about the do's and don't's of school rules and policy, and one of these policies is not to bring a guitar in the school, not unless if the student is a school choir member. My son was not happy for this because last year, students were free to bring guitars in the school. Anyhow, I was looking for raven mti. I was told that this microphone is perfect for home studio. I already have found one, and I am just waiting for my money this month.

Saturday, April 16

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

For the mothers who are fond of wearing jewelry, you can easily find a perfect gift for your moms on this site. On mother's Day, I am sure, necklace or ring or both are perfect gifts for your mom. But to make sure that she likes your gift, engage her in a little discussion on jewelry, and for sure, she will tell you what is her next item she wanted to add in her collection.

So, make her wish come true. Visit this site and look for the jewelry she likes. You can get $36 off $299 sitewide coupon. So, hurry, coupons are valid until end of this April.

Up to 70% OFF Tinysand Quality Jewelry

Up to 75% OFF on April Promotion, valid till Apr. 19th, 2016 PST

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