Sunday, July 10

Hair Treats Hair Coat Virgin Coconut Oil

You could get this Hair Treats Hair Coat Virgin Coconut Oil for P 119 at Watson, SM Department Store. I was planning to get this hair treats today for it is buy 1 take 1 promo. I want to get this one for it is uniquely formulated for hair and scalp and exclusively made to keep the hair and scalp healthy. The natural ingredient of Virgin Coconut Hair provides natural nutrition, which will help promote healthy hair growth. Just make a regular massage to your hair using the Hair Coat VCO ensures that scalp is free from dandruff leaving the scalp and hair strands healthy and protected.


Dhemz said...

tambal ni sa mga kaspahon?! hehehe...lami jud tong ibugho nga naa pay sapal pataban...ehehhehe!

Vernz said...

bwahahaha.. katawa juf kung Dhemz.. oi... naa pay sapal.. kulokoy/// :)

kat said...

Bwahahahahahahhaha....namuot ko ninyong duha hahahahahaha

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