Saturday, June 30

Firmoo Sunglasses

These were the sunglasses that I have received from Firmoo last month. I was actually at the hospital when the mailman dropped from our house and gave my mother the small notice that I have a package at the postal office. It took for me a week before I went to the post office just to pick up the package. I already knew that it was from Firmoo for it had been two weeks since we had a communication from this company. They said that I would receive the package 21 days after our conversation, and I was glad that they did what they had promised to me and to all their clients. They are really on time and very quick for orders. And to Firmoo Glasses, thank you so much for these very chic sunglasses and since I have these sunglasses, I couldn't go out of the house without my Firmoo sunglasses.




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