Wednesday, October 10

Hardwood floor would be on my list now.

To ensure that the new house you want to build will live up to its promise, look for an engineer who could help your dream house be built according to your style. I have few experiences on hiring an engineer, some of them don’t follow instructions, and the worst part was he wanted us to buy the construction materials where the owner is his brother. But of course, we, as the owner of the house, didn't listen to him; instead, we were the one who scouted around to the local store here in our place. To make the story short, the house was built according to our style and wants.

Anyway, if you are building a new house, or you were planning to change the appearance of your home such as replacing an old window glass, floor, or a total makeover of your home, I would suggest visiting Flooring America. I have found so many beautiful designs for floors. They have tiles, hardwood, laminated and even carpets for your floor. I wish we were near to this place, so I could visit the store personally. I like the hardwood floor and I guess it is not hard to maintain this kind of floor. We have no small children at home, so am sure, it is easy to maintain a shiny floor all day and night.


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