Monday, October 8

I found perfect replica diamond rings.

Most women’s clothing is more expensive than men’s clothing, and most women’s jewelry is more expensive than men’s jewelry. Do you agree with this? Well, this is just my opinion because some women wear a complete set of jewelry such as earrings, necklace, bracelet, anklet, and a ring, while men, they usually wear only one jewelry either a necklace or bracelet. Talking about buying jewelry, specifically a diamond ring, do you know how to distinguish the real diamond ring and the fake diamond ring? Honestly, I don’t, and I don’t mind for I couldn't afford to buy a genuine diamond. I would be very happy if somebody gives me a diamond ring even if it is not the real diamond.

I saw diamonds at Moissanite; you couldn't tell that their stones were not the real diamond. However, it is made of a silicon carbide, or a compound of silicon and carbon combined with chemical formula SiC. It comes from nature, and it produces mineral moissante. Since the production of this mineral moissante is extremely rare, Charles & Colvard found a way to replicate through the use of a modern technology. They successfully produced this near-colorless jewel into a gem-quality crystal. So, if you have planned to buy jewelry, specifically diamonds, you may try to visit first the link that I have provided. You might find what you have been looking for.


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