Sunday, October 28

I Shopped for Sandals Again

Last Friday, I was at the supermarket to buy something that we could bring to my son's games the next day. It's a whole day event, and I was certain that foods, snacks and drinks at the site were all expensive, so I decided to shop for our food the day before the event. As I was entering the mall, I saw and read signs that they were having a sale on selected items. I headed to the rectangular boxes where there were clothes, bags and shoes each box.
Since I just bought a shoulder bag a couple of weeks ago, I stood up at the shoe box, and trying to see if I could find something that I like. Well, I found one, and when I checked the price, it was only 199.00 pesos, and the original price was 450.00 pesos. I asked the sales clerk for my shoe size because the one that I was holding was too small for me. Fortunately, they still have the size that fitted to my feet. Without a second thought, I bought the sandals for it was really a good deal. I will post the photo of my new sandals on my next post for it is still on my camera, and I have no time yet to upload all the photos from the camera.


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