Thursday, October 11

Leopard Dress Style From Forever21

I was at the Forever21 online store again, and I found this leopard dress. I like the style of the dress, but I have never tried to wear a leopard fabric design. I wanted to buy this honestly for it is not expensive, but the model on this dress has a height of 5'9, so I had a second thought of buying this dress. I am not sure of my size for I stand 5'3, and I belong to a petite size. They don't have a petite size on this, but I will try to visit Forever21 here in our place if they also have this kind of dress.


SHY´s Mode said...

Oh my I always love leopard fabric, the dress is so sexy and elegant, nindot ni pang clubbing hehe...mang disco bia me next week..

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