Sunday, October 7

My shopping was postponed.

I supposed to go to the mall this afternoon, but I couldn’t for I need to help my brother to prepare his food for his little party tonight. It is his birthday today, and he wanted me to cook some foods for the family and some of his friends. I thought he would not celebrate his birthday, but her daughter requested him to have a little food for tonight. But the funny thing is, his daughter wants spaghetti and a hotdog on the stick with marshmallows on it. It seems like it is my niece’s birthday. Anyway, my father will take care of the grilling, barbecuing, and I will take care of the spaghetti and hotdogs. So, I probably, I will go to the mall either tomorrow or the next day. I need to look for my son’s football or soccer shoes, shin guard and socks. He needs a new one for they have a game at the end of this month. I hope I could easily find his shoes, especially the shin guard.


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