Sunday, October 21

Shopping for a shin guard.

It's Sunday, and unfortunately; I couldn't go out with my friend. I invited her last week if we could have a "me" time because we are both busy moms, but it was postponed because of my son's busy schedule at school. They have a football tournament on Monday and on the 27th and 28th of this month, that is why they have practice almost everyday. Now, my son and I will go to the mall to look for a pair of socks, and a shin guard to protect his leg from kicking. I wish I could find this shin guard for it has been a week now since I started looking for these pairs. One of the parents of my son's co-players had told me where I could buy the shin guard. So, that's our business now with my son. We will go to that sport store first, and then we will go to the mall. I just hope that the sport store has this shin guard for I know that this is salable now because of the incoming tournament.


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