Wednesday, October 10

Their Halloween Costumes are Ready.

Halloween is coming so soon. My son, nieces and nephew couldn't wait to wear their chosen Halloween costumes. They will be having the trick and treat at the mall. I registered their names last month, and I paid 800.00 pesos, equivalent to $20.00 for the four of them. The registration includes snacks for the participants, and some school supplies. So, the payment was just fine for the kids. Joining the trick and treat at the mall is not free, but the advantage is, the kids are safe. Unlike knocking at the neighborhood’s door, sometimes, the kids are scared with dogs, and some houses don’t celebrates the Halloween, so, it is better if the kids have their trick and treat at the mall. For my son, this would be his fifth times to join the trick and treat at the mall, while my nephew, who is the youngest; this would be his first time. I don’t know what will happen on that day for this little boy is hard to control when he is out of the house. Well, we will see when we get there.


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