Sunday, November 18

Buy Discount Eyeglasses

I started wearing eyeglasses two years ago. I had a good vision before I start blogging, and probably, due to overexpose to the computer, my vision went poor. I went to the optometrist after suffering continues headache and nausea, and as expected, the doctor gave me prescription eyeglasses. At first, I wasn't comfortable wearing my eyeglasses for I could feel the weight of the eyeglasses. My mother told me that I was not used to it that is why I feel uncomfortable with it.

Well, she was right, eventually I get used to it, and I wore my first eyeglasses for more than a year. It was only replaced when I accidentally drop it in front of me, and as I step my foot forward, I step on my eyeglasses. So, to make the story short, the frame of the eyeglasses broke, but not the lens. Now, I am wearing another pair of eyeglasses, but I made a mistake; I supposed to order a progressive type of lens and not the single vision lens. Anyhow, my new glasses have a lighter weight compared to my broken eyeglasses because it has thin lens and small ear holders. I just wish that it will last long, and I won’t try to insert the glasses on my shirt again when not in use.

By the way, if you want to buy discount eyeglasses, I have found discounted glasses not long ago, and I have found glasses similar to what I am wearing right now. The bad thing is, I bought mine too expensive while at the Eyeglasses Factory Outlet, the prices are reasonable. In addition, there are lots of choices, lots of beautiful styles that you would surely adore. Anyway, they have Facebook and Twitter account, so the best thing to do is to like their page and follow them on Twitter to enable to get updates on their new products, and promos they are offering.


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