Thursday, November 29

Christmas Gifts for Children

I was at the mall earlier, and I bought something that I could put now under our little Christmas tree. I bought boots for the twins, and I also bought Disney character boy's shade for my nephew. I will wrap all the things I bought if Janjan is not around because I don't want him to see the gifts. He will for sure tell the twins that they have boots from me. The twins are my godchildren, and they are our neighbor, so it is easy for Janjan to tell them about the Christmas gifts because the twins and Janjan are close friends. So, when I got home, I hide the shopping bags to my closet.

Anyway, I wanted to buy this little bike (photo below) for small children because I have a two years-old nephew, but I have a problem, how could I hide this bike if I will buy it now. I know my son, there is no secret for him, so I was thinking, to buy it two days before Christmas. Is it a good idea? What do you think guys?




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