Monday, November 12

Human Size Dancing Sta. Claus

My son made me laugh when we were at the mall the other day. We were at the home decor department trying to look for Christmas ornaments for our little Christmas tree. He was standing near to a human size dancing Sta. Claus, but he just ignored it for he was busy seriously looking for Christmas lights. Suddenly, this human size Sta. Claus moved his arms and turned his body to my son's direction. My son was surprised, and he almost runs to me before he realized that it was a dancing Sta. Claus. The people who saw him silently laughed at him. He told me that he was so scared when the statue moves. He thought that somebody pushing the arms and body to scare him. I laughed at him, and he also laughed after realizing that it was just a dancing Sta. Claus for sale. I jokingly told my son that Sta was looking for somebody to adopt him this Christmas. My son looked at the price of Sta then, and he was sad for Sta is very expensive. Ha ha.


Mary Anne's Musings said...

hahahaha asta ako diri nakatawa ko na imagine nako imong anak na nakuratan LOL>

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