Thursday, November 29

We Offer Sweet Bags, Polybags, Paperbags, and More

Our online mail order company is well known as a supplier of quality polybags for many commercial purposes.

The Grip & Zip Seal Bags we offer are highly practical for many uses. Because they are made from food grade poly, they are ideal for packaging food items such as sandwiches. The larger sizes with an attached pouch can be used for scientific and medical specimens. The Grip & Zip Seal Bags are available in many sizes and can be purchased with write-on panels. These poly bags can be purchased in a regular or heavy duty gauge.

Our sweet bags and gift bags are ideal for use in any shop that sells confections, crafts, or gifts. These very clear and attractive bags are an excellent choice when you want to package and display merchandise that has a high degree of visual appeal to the customer.

We offer high clarity sweet bags made of Cellophane or Polypropylene in a range of sizes. We also have Polypropylene bags with cardboard bottoms that allow them to stand for display purposes.

Our Garment & Clothing Bags are perfect for use by garment retailers and dry cleaners. These clear bags are available in many sizes. The bags are printed with labels warning of the dangers of suffocation and they have air holes punched in the packaging material to reduce the risk.

In addition to selling polybags, we also sell many types of paper bags that are completely recyclable by the consumer. These bags are made of food grade paper so they can be used for items such as bread, fruit, and vegetables.

We sell refuse sacks and compactor sacks in varying sizes and thicknesses. In addition we also offer very strong rubble sacks and builder's bags that can hold a lot of refuse.

When you need polybags for your business, call us first. Please review our selection of polybags and paperbags. If you have any requirements that are not listed on our site, we will be pleased to offer bespoke bags to suit your needs. Visit our website online to learn more about how we can help you at


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