Friday, January 4

Shopping Again?

Tired of shopping from the holiday? Oh! No! Women never got tired of shopping for sure. We all love shopping, as long as we have money to shop, and as long as we have a good standing credit card. My son and I was at the mall yesterday and there were still lots of people at the mall.  We didn't shop yesterday. We just dropped there after paying our bills because my son had to change the PlayStation games to the store for it didn't play at home. There were kids inside the store, so the sales clerk was busy entertaining his customers. When my son got a chance, he talked to the sales clerk about the games he purchased last Christmas.  The man tried the games, and it was indeed not working. He asked us if we could wait for 20 minutes for he needs to wait for his co-worker to change the item. 

So, while waiting for his co-worker to come back after his break time, Janjan and I ate at the KFC. After eating, we went inside the grocery store, and we shopped a little for foods, and other grocery items. When we were done shopping, we headed back to the store. When we got there, the other salesman was already waiting for us, and he asked my son what game he wanted to get in exchange of the other game that doesn't work. My son picked up the one he likes, but before we leave, we tried the game if it is working or not to ensure that we will not come back again for replacement. Well, that was our day yesterday at the mall.


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