Thursday, February 14

Thrift Shopping Tips

Don't buy things you don't like just because they are cheap. A bargain is only a bargain if you will use it. Bring friends who look more than they buy. They may help you restrain yourself and give you an objective opinion. If you know seasonal shoppers, ask if you can tag along with them. They will have researched the best places for bargains and can teach you the tricks of the trade. Look for Thrift Shop, Consignment Store, Resale Store and Flea Market listings in your Yellow Pages under their respective titles. Consignment stores are sometimes listed under Thrift Stores and vice versa. When you travel, look for thrift shops in the area you're visiting. When you're considering an item, it is best to carry it around with you. If you don't hold on to it, chances are it won't be there when you've made your decision.


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