Friday, March 22

Leather Jackets for Men

My son asked if he could borrow my leather jacket tomorrow. He has a dance presentation at school and wearing leather jacket is what they agreed to wear for the presentation. Honestly, he likes my leather jacket, and it is fitted to him now. He looks so good when he tried to wear the jacket. He said, if I don’t like my jacket anymore, he is willing to get it, and will take care of it.

Anyway, I bought my leather jacket when I was in Sweden, and it was on sale when I bought it. I wore it almost everyday on fall season, but on winter time, I couldn’t wear it anymore. Now the leather jacket has been parked at my closet for years because I couldn't wear it in a humid country. If I go back to Sweden, I would like to buy a sheepskin bomber jacket for my son. I came across an online store a while ago for leather jacket, and I have found this attractive sheepskin jacket. I am sure my son would be happy if I could buy this jacket for him. The style is perfect for his age. Anyhow, if you are planning to buy a leather jacket, I would suggest visiting Landing Zone. They have lots of beautiful leather jackets. Right now, they offer huge discount on selected items.


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