Wednesday, March 13

Swimsuit Style

I started looking for a new swimsuit or bathing suit now. My old swimsuit is still good, but it is not really old because I bought it last summer, but I am tired of wearing them whenever we went to swimming. I want a new one for this summer season. However, I just want a simple swim suit. I don't like a very sensual swim wear because I am not sexy ha ha. I don't have the curve to flaunt in the beach. Ha ha. Anyhow, I found this swimsuit below at our local online store. I want this style, but I don't like the print. Plus the store didn't put any details on this swimsuit. They only put the price and the sizes. The price is actually reasonable. Anyway, If I couldn't find any, I would probably buy this swimsuit, and I hope by the time I could decide to buy this, there is still available stock for my size.



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