Monday, April 8


Fragrance is the ultimate mood-booster with the ability to trigger powerful memories and emotions. It enhances our wellbeing and is a potent means of personal expression. As well as wearing scent, there are endless ways to release it into your home, including sprays, candles, vaporizers and incense.

To talk about perfume is to talk about passion, since it is, of course, the ultimate sensory experience and also a highly sensual one. The smell of baby’s skin, your mother’s perfume as she kisses you goodnight, your lover’s unique scent lingering in your bed, the heady aroma of a field of lavender or a rose garden in summer, these are the things that we remember with the passing years and that instantly have the power to conjure up forgotten memories, re-create emotions and transport us to a different time and place. Everyone has a unique natural body scent which plays a large role in our attractiveness, or otherwise, to others.

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