Thursday, April 25

Handmade Jewelry

ALC Creations is the perfect place to go for reasonably priced women’s accessory's products for your neck, ears, scarf and wrists. The products are all unique handmade jewelry. I actually like their creations. The designs are simple but elegant. Women’s wardrobe wouldn't be complete without wearing accessories such as jewelry, because jewelry has always been part of women’s fashion. Even fashion models, the designers would add jewelry to their wardrobe before they could walk in front of the audience, or before they could make a pictorial.

Therefore, jewelry has a big role when it comes to fashion. There are many online stores that offer the same thing such as jewelry, but what I like at ALC Creations is that, they share their blessings or sales to their preferred charities. If you make a purchase, 10% of the proceeds will go to the charities. The price of ALC Creations is practical in the context where quality is no longer a variance. And so, when planning to shop for your jewelry, I would recommend visiting ALC because your purchases could help to one of the less fortunate groups of people. Whether your style is simple, athletic, cerebral, or colorful, you could definitely find jewelry and accessories at ALC Creations.

My style is simple. I am comfortable with jeans and sexy top. I also wear sexy dresses but only if there are special occasions, and one of the jewelry that I wouldn't be missed wearing are my earrings. Whatever my outfit is, I have earrings on my ears. I actually have few pairs of earrings on my jewelry box. I bought different styles of earrings that I could match to my outfit. Since, it is summer at our end, and I have a long hair, I always tied my hair, so I could wear my dangling style earrings.


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