Sunday, May 12

My Style, Your Style

Women's shoes are far, far less expensive than they used to be, so much so that women can now buy a very fine pair of shoes for about $25. There's a tremendous variety and quality in the price range, so why pay more? The reason shoes are so cheap today is that most are made overseas, where labor is far less expensive. I have heard from my family and friend who are living abroad, specifically USA, they said that most shoes in the USA are made in China, and only few shoes that are really made in USA. Anyway, look through the photos below, these shoes are China made but styles are so pretty for your feet. I love it, honestly. I don't mind if it is made in China. I wanted to buy it, but the store doesn't accept Paypal. They only accept major credit cards, and I don't have a credit card. So, sorry for me then.


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