Tuesday, May 21

Uses of Ice Cubes

If you are ready to go out but you don’t have enough time to put on makeup, no worry, because the ice can be your “angel”. By rubbing your face with an ice cube, you will feel fresh that could make your face look radiant even without wearing any makeup. You can also rub an ice on your face, or wrap it on soft cloth before applying a makeup. It makes your makeup last longer.

Get Rid of Sunburn

If you got sunburn, the ice helps cooling off sunburn. Just apply some cubes on the affected area. This is actually an effective way to get rid of the tanning.

Tired Eyes

After a long day at work, or after staring at the computer screen for long, this ice cubes helps your tired eyes to get relaxed and refresh. Get some cube ice and wrap it in a soft cloth, and then rub it to your eyes. It surely sooth your tired eyes, and it will also remove puffiness from eyes.


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