Saturday, June 1

Short Pants at Romwe

Summer has been gone in this tropical country. It is a rainy season now, and it will last until December. However, even if it is the rainy season, it doesn't mean that we have rains everyday. There would be a hot weather as well, and wearing shorts still on style. Honestly, I am more comfortable with shorts. It is easy to move, walk, and in case there is rain when you were out of the house, you won't be worried of getting wet, and walk on the flood. Our place is susceptible to flood, so if you don't own a car, and riding a jeepney or taxi is your way of getting home, then wearing shorts is better than wearing a dress or long pants. Anyway, I found these ladies shorts at If only they also ship here in my tiny country, I would love to shop one of these shorts. I like the rosy pink with belt shorts, and the floral shorts.

Denim shorts and Diamante Sequined Black Shorts. Prices are $36.99 and $52.30.

Dual-tone shorts and Flourecent yellow-shorts for $39.99 and $26.99 respectively.

1. Black-white cow shorts for $26.99
2. Cream Floral shorts for $36.99
3. Rosy pink shorts for $24.99
4. Blck-white Squared shorts for $31.99

So, if you like wearing short pants, visit They have lots of beautiful short pants you could choose from.


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