Thursday, July 25

Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Rings

When you're in love and you're looking for a way to express your devotion to your partner, a beautiful engagement ring will certainly make the statement you're looking for. Many of us aspire for a committed relationship that is honest and passionate. Some people spend their whole lives searching, so when you find the right person you better seize the moment while you can.

There are a lot of beautifully rendered rings that are modern and graceful, but choosing a more classic design can present a refreshing and motivating change of pace. An excellent choice is something known as a "halo cut".

It actually heralds from the 1920s, and while it fell out of popularity, it's re-surfaced and can be readily found in many boutiques. The style refers to a single diamond that is surrounded by several smaller ones in a circle, creating the "halo". What's intriguing about this particular design is that the smaller diamonds create an illusion, making the center stone actually look larger. It's also just an artful way to offset the stone.

If your love is into pieces that are extravagant, a ring with a halo cut will certainly make a lasting impression. While you can shop in person, you can also find cushion cut halo engagement rings at You may be able to score a deal online that you won't find in a store, so take your time and browse.

As long as you put forth the thought and conviction the ring represents, it ultimately shouldn't matter how it looks in the end.


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