Saturday, July 20

Flat Sandals can be indeed be sexy

I just found these sexy flat sandals a while ago, and I so love the styles and designs. The bad thing is, I don’t have extra savings for the meantime. I just shopped a tablet for my son as a birthday gift to him that is why I am currently broke now. No more extra savings and I have to start saving my money again for another project.

I am planning to buy a new cell phone for me. The old one was already gone, and I am using my mom’s cell phone for the meantime. I hope I could raise the money the soonest possible because I really need a cell phone for my everyday activities. So, shopping for a flat sandal for this summer is not on my lists at this time. I will just feast my eyes with these beautiful and sexy sandals which I found from different online stores.

Coral Cool from for $37.33

Mermaid Magic from for $29

Beaded Bohemian from for $22.97

Gem Hunter from for $27.98

Which one do you like most?


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