Thursday, July 25

How to Wear Runway Fashion

The Slip Dress

Those sheer chiffon dresses have been seen on all the runways and celebrities. You like the look, but how can you wear it without risking arrest? Look for lined styles, or buy a slip dresses to the mainstream by giving us more opaque fabrics to choose from. If you are not comfortable showing so much skin, consider the slip skirt. It’s a feminine, sexy look with a little tank or cardigan and heels.


Choose this look in simple, sleeved shapes in cardigans, shirts, and camisoles. Layer them under fitted tops because anything bulky will ruin the look. A floaty lace skirt with a more severe jacket is an eclectic mix that looks very modern.


Too much ruffle, particularly under anything very tailored, will scream Austin Powers. A little ruffle on a skirt-from-the-runway look most women can feel comfortable.


A print with a black or dark background will be most flattering and work across the seasons. Be very careful how you wear prints. Patterns draw attention. If you have problem spots, wear them away from those areas.


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