Monday, July 29

The Mane Event

It is called your crowning glory for a good reason. Unless your hair is looking good, it doesn’t matter how expensive your outfit, or how elaborate your makeup. Your look is not going to come together. Hard to handle hair is your No. 1 beauty complaint. It‘s too curly, too frizzy, too dry, too oily, etc. The point is, although everyone’s hair is unique, there is a universality to hair problems and solutions.

Finding a Stylist

Locating a great hairstylist is like finding that pot of gold. But how do you know where to go, who to trust. Ask a friend or even someone you pass on the street whose hair looks great.

Book with a nationally known salon, but ask for an appointment with their “master stylist.” It will cost you a bit more, but will ensure that you get a stylist with extra training and experience.

If you’re finished in less than thirty minutes, move on. That’s a rush job. Take a picture with you. Your hairstylist is not a mind reader. Don’t go in and start talking about wanting Nicole Kidman’s hair color or Jennifer Aniston’s style. That’s too vague.


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