Tuesday, July 16

Women’s Shoes

The lead character of the television comedy Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw, portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker, is crazy about shoes. She’s always spending hundreds of dollars on a pair of designer shoes. Of course, the show is about the luxury lifestyle, with all four lead characters eating, drinking, and buying high-fashion clothes and wasting an incredible amount of money. In a very telling episode, Carrie almost loses her New York apartment because, while she has plenty of money to spend on shoes, she doesn’t have enough, or good-enough credit, to buy her apartment when it goes co-op.

By the way, I so love looking the shoes on Your Next Shoes on Facebook. I wish I could wear very high-heeled shoes. I have two high-heels about 4 inches, but I just wear it if there’s an occasion. My everyday shoe is just 2 ½ inches at most.

Look at the shoes below, are they hot or not? If you are a shoe lover, you can visit Your Next Shoes on Facebook.


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