Thursday, August 8

How to Clean Your Shoe Laces

Have you ever wondered if there is a specific way to clean your shoes? Unlike clothes, there is no one method that works for all shoes, but there are a few different things that you could consider. Depending on the style of shoes that you have available, you need to pick the right method for you.

To clean your We Love Colors shoe laces, just take them out of the shoes and wash them along with the rest of your clothes. Make sure that you use cold water so that the colors do not bleed. You can simply machine dry them when they are finished. It is best to wash them with other clothes and not on their own.

To clean leather shoes, you do not want to use water. Instead, just wipe them down and use shoe polish. The water can ruin the leather. There are also special cleaning solutions that can be used if you have no other choice. However, a combination of shoe polish and a quick hand cleaning will usually be enough. The polish can also cover over scratches and scuff marks.

To clean athletic shoes, like tennis shoes, you have a few options. The best thing to do is to hand clean them in the bathroom sink. You can then stuff newspapers inside of them and set them in the sun to dry. The newspapers will draw all of the water out of the foam padding and the sun will dry off the shoes' outsides.


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