Tuesday, August 27

Human Hair Wigs

Hair is one of the first things that people notice when they meet you. The man or woman whose hair has thinned may feel they are not at their best as they try to style the formerly thick and plentiful tresses. There are a number of ways to disguise hair loss. You may cover it by wearing a hat or by parting the hair lower and combing it across the balding spot. Those may work for a while. Temporary attempts to camouflage the hair loss are not always successful. Some folks (mostly men) deal with the situation by going for the clean look by shaving their heads. People can resort to hair pieces, but there are other viable options.

Here are some of the options that are available:

• Transplant surgery works by moving two or three hairs at a time from a well-populated part of the head, and planting them in less well-populated areas on the head. This is expensive and time consuming, but it looks good.

• Customized hair replacement systems like the creations made with human hair wigs from AdventHair.com are a good solution. These go beyond the older kinds of wigs. These are customized “replacement systems” that can be purchased online and styled by your regular stylist.

• Hair replacement grafting is another procedure that is similar to transplant surgery. It is done without actual surgery and is less expensive as well.

Take time to look over all of the choices available. You will find something that looks and feel natural to you.


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