Wednesday, August 28

Make-up Looks

Are you a fresh-faced outdoor girl with no more than a healthy returned-from-a-run glow to your cheeks? An outrageous vamp with come-to-bed eyes and glossy red lips? An oh-so-cute sex kitten with Bambi lashes and a kissable sugar-pink mouth?

The make-up you wear reveals a great deal about your personality and mood, and a change of color and texture can dramatically alter your appearance. Go for all-over shine with a dewy, translucent complexion, or try a more polished look with a sophisticated matte finish. Eyes may be understand and natural with just a slick of mascara and highlight, or they may be made-up for high drama with groomed brows, sultry eyeliner and smoky shadow. The simplest way to transform your face in an instant is with lipstick - go for sumptuous cherry-red, sexy burgundy or frosted baby-pink, dab on some gloss for extra poutiness and glamour. Alternatively, just give lips a barely-there stain and keep them moisturized with lip balm.


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