Saturday, September 21

Tips on Building a Wardrobe

Stay Classic

Trends may come and go, but you would never be out of style if you base your wardrobe on the styles that have been around forever. Purchase quality items and they would be the mainstay of your wardrobe for several years.

Stay Natural

Build your basic wardrobe in neutral shades like black, beige, navy or brown. Don’t ignore the fashion industry’s hot colors of the season. Use them as accent pieces. If purple is “the” color, don’t buy a purple coat, but do purchase a purple blouse. This is the way to be stylish without being ridiculous.

Keep it Simple

The simpler the shape, the more expensive the piece will look. Too much embellishment also gives the piece a shorter life. Add panache with accessories if your piece needs more.

Check Details

The way a garment is made should be as important to you as how it looks. Inspect everything from the way the armholes are cut to the quality of the buttons. Test the zipper to make sure it moves smoothly on the track.


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