Tuesday, October 15

Beauty and Your Style

Have an outfit or two that you know you look good in. Make sure it both fits and flatters you, and it should be comfortable. If it is at home wear, try to make it an outfit that you would want to move in all day. This will prevent you from making excuses for not exercising. You would be able to just go right out and do it.

Home Clothes

If you are in the workplace, make it something that is attractive, functional, and binding. Clothes that restrain will make you feel bad about your body no matter what your size, and cause you stress that many times will lead to overeating. When you have found a hairdo or outfit that elicits compliments or you just know you look great in, make sure you can repeat it by taking pictures from different angles.

Work Clothes

Photos not mine.


nova hedges said...

you are right, must be fit all the time in order to have a good lifestyle

jheylo said...

I agree! Wearing outfit must be comfy and flattering to our shape rather than wearing sexy outfit and it does not compliment our body.

genny said...

i am the type of person would rather buy and wear dress that is very much comfortable. It doesn't matter if the style is not the trend of today, i just add something that would make the dress stunning. also, most important is it fits perfectly.

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