Thursday, October 10

Fragrance Formulas: Make Fragrance Last Longer

I have learned this from my ex-lady boss. She is a woman who loves perfume, and she smells good until the end of the day. She taught me on how to make the fragrance last longer. I listened to her, and I followed her advice. However, it was hard for me to do it every day, especially if I was on a hurry for work. If I have planned to do it the next morning, I have to wake up earlier than usual, because it took me for an hour to finish the whole routine.

Anyhow, here’s how to make your fragrance last longer.

Start by layering your scent. Begin with a scented shower or bath gel. Next, apply perfumed body lotion to slightly damp skin.

Apply scent where skin is warmest and that is your pulse points. Use it behind the ears, on the wrist, your d├ęcolletage, and behind your knees. The heat generated in these areas will keep fragrance on longer.

Dab a little petroleum jelly onto areas where you’ll spritz your perfume. This gives the scent something to adhere to.


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