Monday, October 21

Skin Care Questions?

Can I use my toner all over my face? Toner should be concentrated around the nose and chin area, and never used around the eyes. If you want to remove any traces of eye make-up, use plain water. Give your face a gentle massage with moisturizer. Apply light pressure in a circular motion with your fingertips. Tap your fingers all over your face as if you were playing a concerto on the paino.


Apply corn starch directly from the box to friction points. Cornstarch is an anti-chafing, moisture-absorbing powder.

What is the right way to apply moisturizer?

Although you have probably heard that the only way to prevent sagging of the skin is to apply moisturizer to the face and neck in an upward motion, this is pure myth. As long as you use a light touch, the direction of the strokes is irrelevant.

What is the correct order to applying skin products?

The rule when layering is to first apply liquids, then gels, and finally lotions and creams. Always apply acne and other treatment products before moisturizers, as moisturizers form a barrier and prevent these products from getting into the skin.

I am currently using Cetaphil moisturizer, and I like it. I will share it later when the 2 bottles are empty.

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