Wednesday, October 2

The Essential Tools for Makeup

Unless you have the right tools, all the beauty products in the world won’t do you any good. You don’t have to get your tools at the cosmetic counters. They are never worth their pricey tags. Most make up artists get their brushes from art supply stores. Anyway, here are the basic and essential tools for your make up.


Sponge applicator for all-over eye color

Small eye-shading brush to concentrate eye color

Old toothbrush to groom eyebrows

Eyeliner brush

Wedged-shaped sponges to apply foundation and concealer

Lip brush

Metal eyelash curler

Powder brush

Blusher brush (smaller than a powder brush)

How long does makeup last?

There’s a shelf-life to those cosmetics. Keeping cosmetics too long renders them useless. They get dry, smelly, and cause breakouts.

Liquid Foundation: One year. Signs that it is time to go: strange color, odor, and thickening.

Lipstick: One to two years.

Eye Shadow: Two to three years. The color may change and it will stop going on smoothly. Mascara: Four to six months. It will start to dry out, clump, and have an odor.


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