Saturday, October 26

You Have to Wear Lipstick Every Day

Yep! We all have it, but we forget what an impact it can make. It immediately brightens your face, whitens your teeth, and makes you look younger. Even if the only cosmetic you have on is lipstick, you will easily pull off a more chic, polished look.

As we age, many of us tend to choose darker, muddy colors, and I want you to avoid that. We lose the fullness of our lips over time, and dark lipstick only highlights that loss. Choose your favorite color of lipstick, and move up a shade or two in brightness. A bright, lighter color will always look more youthful. So c’mon, this one’s easy, paint your pucker.


Ligaya said...

I love to moisturize my lips and even at night i wear lip moisturizer. thats why its important that my lipstick has vit.e.

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