Thursday, November 28

A Feminine-Fit Shopping Checklist

Looking great every day, whether you are headed to the office, the movie, or the pool, is a choice. As long as you make strategic, thrifty-chic, fashionable, well-fitting choices at the store, choosing to look fabulous every day is easy. When your closet is full of ill-fitting choices, you are bound to fall into a pattern of not looking your best. We all have the power to create the image of our dreams with the body we currently have. Don’t make a purchase without referring to this simple feminine-fit checklist:

Does this garment showcase my waist?

Does this garment skim my body with ease, not too loose or too tight?

Are the construction elements, buttons, pockets, zipper, seams and darts, hems, and so on, executed to create a flattering fit?

Do my hips and seat look visually balanced by my shoulders and décolleté?

Does this garment diminish my figure flaws and highlight my assets?

When your clothes fit you well and you look shapelier, you carry yourself with more confidence. Celebrate your womanly shape through your clothing, and revel in the fun of getting dressed and being a girl. Think of your clothes as an expression of your spirit, and don’t be afraid to let it shine. Remember, there is nothing more comfortable than looking fabulous. (Wink!)


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