Tuesday, December 3

Panties/Undies and Victoria Secret

Panties, what a funny word. Whether you like full coverage, low-rise, boy shorts, high-cut briefs, string bikinis, or tanga thongs, your underwear affects your outerwear. Choosing the most comfortable and invisible panties should be your major goal for undies, and once you have found them, then you can focus on the other bottom line.

By the way, here’s VS angel Candice Swanepoel. She wears the royal Fantansy Bra at the 2013 VS Fashion Show. The bra is made up of 4,200 specifically chosen rubies, blue and yellow sapphires, and diamonds hand-set in 18-karat gold creating a bustier that is modeled to Swanepoel’s body. The center piece of the bra is a 52-karat pear- shaped ruby. The bra is worth $8 million while the matching belt is an additional $2 million and tool over 500 hours to make. Wow!


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