Tuesday, January 28

Fragrances That Will Last Longer

Perfumes are a delight to the senses, provided they are not overpowering. Unfortunately, most fragrances fade quickly. It is disappointing to apply a favorite scent in the morning, only to have it disappear before lunchtime.

While perfume is not essential to a woman’s morning routine, it allows her to express herself. A pleasant fragrance makes her feel attractive, happier and self-confident. To keep these feelings alive, she must find ways to make the scent last longer. Here are three suggestions.

Choose a long-lasting perfume – Some fragrances last longer than others. Citrus perfumes disappear quickly, but woody fragrances last longer because their oils evaporate slower. Concentrations also make a difference. Parfum has the most staying power, and cologne has the weakest scent.

Some companies make long-lasting perfumes that last twice as long as most fragrances. A Wisconsin-based company called House of Rose is one example. Long lasting perfumes contain a base other than alcohol, which evaporates quickly. Some perfumes contain human pheromone attractants.

Apply perfume to make it last – Perfumes last longer on moisturized skin because the oils trap the scent. A fragrance line with shower gels and body lotions can help women layer their favorite scent. Using a particular fragrance over time can dull the sense of smell. For this reason, it is important not to overdo it with perfume.

Reapply perfume throughout the day – A small, travel-size bottle of perfume is perfect for women with dry skin or those planning a special evening. It allows them to reapply their favorite scent throughout the day or night. Although most fragrances last between four and six hours, women can double this time with reapplications.


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