Wednesday, February 26

Color Courage and ROMWE White Heart Pattern Red Chiffon Shirt

Though we are all attracted to color, tend to have a favorite color, and would agree that some colors simply make us feel great, most of us have closets that are, well, colorless. Committing to color can be very hard for some people, because they don’t want to make a fashion mistake, and sometimes it is just easier to have fewer choices. Wearing no colors or the same neutral colors all of the time is a reflection of fear, fashion indecision, and lack of creativity. We can all enjoy a colorful life and closet. The power of color is one that everyone can easily harness with simple choice.

Anyhow, here is the new collection at ROMWE. On February 27, you can buy this white heart pattern red top for only $9.99 from the original price of $24.00. So, if you like the style, and the color, then you should visit ROMWE on Thursday, February 27, so you could shop this top for a very low price.


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