Thursday, March 20

Shopping for Pants

For almost every woman, there is a different fit. For every pair of pants, there is a woman can wear them. The point is, it is going to take a lot of strikes before hitting that home run. Go into those fitting rooms, and look at yourself in a three-way mirror. There are some pants that will work better than others.

Disguise a flat rear with back pocket details.

A protruding rear is flattered by a dropped waistline.

Large thighs look better with pants with full-cut legs and loose waistbands.

Large or poochy stomachs look best in pants with elastic or drawstrings.

Women with heavy legs or who are heavy all over should look for pants in lightweight fabrics.

Flatter thin legs with substantial fabrics and structure lining.

Tips: When shopping, wear the same type of shoes you would wear with the pants you’re looking for. Shop on an empty stomach so your pants won’t be uncomfortable while trying them on, and you’ll get an accurate fit.


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