Saturday, March 29

Style on Shoes

There is nothing feminine, modern, or attractive about think, chunky man shoes. Plus, the thicker the sole, the thicker your legs look. A lighter, updated loafer with a kitten heel or contoured heel is both a modern and classics substitution.

Roman ankle straps wrapped high on the leg tend to rank high on the scale, not to mention make your legs look shorter. Keep your ankle straps wrapped close to your ankles for a much more flattering look.

Toe overhang is awkward. Make sure your toes are neatly captured in your sandals. As a general rule, you want about a half inch of room at the heel and toe of your sandal to ensure proper fit.

Never, ever wear socks and sandals. This sloppy fashion flub tells the world you have given up. Come on, Hot Stuff, you know better. Socks should be captured in shoes, and sandals are for freshly painted toes.


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