Tuesday, April 1

Finding The Right Wedding Shoe and Jewelry

The worst thing that can happen to a bride is to wear shoes that hurt. The wrong shoes will even show up on the face. Comfort, color, fabric, design, and heel size are all important considerations.

Shop for shoes late in the day when feet have swollen and are at their largest.

The design of the shoe should complement the design of the gown.

Plan to break in your shoes by wearing them around the house several times before the wedding.

To prevent slipping, sandpaper the soles of the shoes.

Even if you’re wearing white, the color of the shoe should exactly match the color of the gown. People will notice.


Keep your jewelry to a minimum. Your gown should be the centerpiece. Some brides may choose to wear a tiara, while others may feel complete with the perfect pair of studs. Whatever you choose as the finishing touch to your total look, make each piece count.

Hairpins and barrettes add charming sparkle.

A strong bracelet can take the place of gloves.

Antique jewelry inspires the look of romance.


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