Saturday, May 31

Becoming a Make Up Artist

Whether you need an exotic look for a modeling shoot or a natural look for film, the key to professional make up application is knowing how to work most effectively with professional-level products under a variety of heat and lighting conditions. If you want to become a professional make up artist, there are no short cuts. However, if it's something you have a passion for, any work you put into achieving your dream will seem more like play. There are three things that are important on the road to professional status:

1. Education

This doesn't mean professional school, though formal training is important. It means learning about every aspect of your craft through continued training, reading and networking to keep up on the latest trends and begin to build a name in the industry.

2. Dedication

Decide what path you'll take, whether it's movies, television or print, and choose the most direct route to reach that goal. Find a mentor from among artists whose work you admire and try to build a professional relationship.

3. Practice

It's said that he best teacher is experience, so gain the experience you need at every opportunity. Practice on friends of all ages, ethnicities and skin types to learn what colors and techniques work best.

Even though you may not end up becoming a makeup artist Mississauga, national chains and franchised higher learning centers can make it possible to find a high quality, professional makeup school Mississauga or any small town. Learning to apply make up well is one thing, but learning how to apply make up for professional use, in a variety of mediums, takes a certain amount of artistry, professional training and lots of practice.


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