Monday, May 5

Skirts and Dresses

When considering skirts and dresses, look for these visual fit cues:

Make sure the fabric flows and hangs nicely from the fullest part of your hips and doesn’t cup under them or pull across them. Fabric pulls across the hips create horizontal lines that highlight the size of your hips.

Have skirts and dresses hemmed to the knee area. This length looks the most flattering on almost all women. A knee length introduces the curve of the calf and makes your legs look longer and more shapely.

Straight skirts, fluted skirts that kick out at the knee, and A-line skirts that lie flat across the tummy are all flattering styles on most figures. Pleated or gathered skirts should release at the low hip or around the seat. Extra fabric should not be gathered at the waist or tummy.

Skirts and dresses with medium-sized to large patterns can camouflage a tummy, but remember that the smaller the pattern, the larger you will look, so choose prints wisely. Avoid horizontal details of any kind at all cost.


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