Wednesday, May 28

Taking Care of Fabrics

Best Way to Wash Cashmere

Some fine wool sweaters, even those made of cashmere, come out best when you handwash them in cold water. Cashmere can also be washed in the machine but inside out and dried flat, and not in the drier.

Be Flexible On Fabrics

A pure silk evening dress may be the most luxurious option, but you can save hundreds of dollars by choosing a dress made out of a less expensive fabric. Consider polyester shantung, a fabric that looks and feels like silk, but costs far less. Polyester is also more durable, more stain-resistant and less likely to snag.

Don’t Trust a Dry-Clean-Only Tag

A dry-clean-only tag can be wrong. Sometimes manufacturers place dry-clean tags on their apparel as a way of safeguarding themselves against complaints if something goes wrong in the laundry process. If you are going to take risk and launder a garment with a dry-clean-only tag, consider first experiment with one of your least favorite garments made of the same material. Then, if you’re satisfied with the results, you haven’t compromised your favorite sweater.


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