Wednesday, May 28

Women Pay More Unless..

Most women’s clothing is more expensive than men’s. Many women know the difference exists, they just don’t have a solution.

Crossing the Fence

Consider evening the odds by shopping for women’s clothes in the men’s department. Running shoes and general athletic wear are great items to look for, as are basics such as sport socks and gloves. Oxford shirts and sweaters may be as much as 20% less expensive, and casual slacks will be cheaper.

Clothes for All Sizes

Larger-size women can often find a great selection of slacks and sweaters for a small percentage of the cost of clothing in the plus-size stores. Petite-sized women may want to consider looking in the young men’s or boy’s department for smaller clothing that costs even less than in the men’s department.

Maternity Wear

The men’s department is also a great place to buy inexpensive maternity wear. Men’s large shirts and sweat-pants, which are roomy and comfortable, can cost less than traditional maternity garments.


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