Sunday, June 15

Closet Evaluation and Organization

Cleaning out your closet is always tough, because our clothes hold memories and ignite feelings and emotions. We all remember the dress we wore for a special date with our honey or the business suit that got us our first real job or the jeans that made us feel like a rock star. Letting go of garments that we don’t wear anymore but still have fond of seeing these inside the closet can often be bittersweet.

Many of us avoid cleaning out our closet to avoid the guilt. For some crazy reason, we haven’t able to lose the ten or so pounds that would have us dancing in the streets in our duds, and cleaning out the closet means facing our weight issues. We think, “I know I will be a small size again, and I will be able to wear that.” Truth is, when you lose the weight, the first thing you want is new clothes. The last thing you want to do is put on something decades old to celebrate your new body. You want new party frocks and sexy modern look-at-me wear, not parachute pants and a dress from the 1980s.


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