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Shark Cartilage

Shark cartilage is the tough tissue from a shark’s fins and head. People used freeze-dried shark cartilage supplements to prevent cancer or Shark cartilage supplements use freeze-dried powdered cartilage for numerous health issues and benefits, including the prevention of cancers and improvement of some joint-related issues such as arthritis. Because larger sea animals can store toxins from the sea in their bodies, it’s important to buy shark cartilage from naturally low-lead environments, such as the oceans surrounding New Zealand. Click here to learn more about shark cartilage supplements.

Researchers have performed studies about the efficacy of shark cartilage on cancerous tumors. Some medical facilities outside of the United States offer shark cartilage treatments to patients with cancer, and many report decreased tumor size. It's sometimes delivered by enema or even injected beneath skin. Various facilities use different dosage levels to treat patients with cancer. It's always best not to self-treat. Consult a naturopathic physician if interested in using shark cartilage to treat any ailment.

Why Shark Cartilage

Some nutritional authors and naturopaths say that sharks experience extremely low levels of cancer because their cartilage naturally prevents the blood vessel networked needed by cancers to metastasize. This development of blood vessels is known as angiogenesis. People take shark cartilage with the hopes of “starving” cancer tumors by reducing blood supply to them.

Shark Cartilage Composition

Shark cartilage supplements are derived from shark skeletons. Manufacturers of quality supplements prefer to use shark cartilage from those animals caught for food.

According to the American Cancer Society, shark cartilage contains large protein molecules such as proteoglycans, calcium salts, and glyco-proteins. Studies have been performed using shark cartilage as an adjunct treatment for patients with cancer. Some lab studies have demonstrated shark cartilage's ability to decrease the amount and growth of blood vessels developed by cancer tumors.

Shark cartilage is also used by patients with macular degeneration, arthritis, osteoporosis, and psoriasis.


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